Keynote Speaker  Robyn Bain

robyn_bJOHN 13-15

Together we will look at the famous words of John 13-15 as Jesus talks with his disciples, hours before walking to his crucifixion. As we peer carefully into the strange, magnificent words of Jesus, we will see how profoundly sin has disconnected us from him and from each other. As we listen in on this tender conversation with his disciples, we will discover the thrill of being re-connected in the mercy of Jesus as his words stretch and fill our relationships to the full.



Men’s Keynote Speakers: Title “Potential”

andreaAndrea Pryde


nathanNathan Campbell


robynRobyn Campbell

What potential….. God given potential….. Potential to bring glory to God, potential to build his church by people coming to know Jesus. We know God has gifted us with many women in our churches, and gifted those women in many ways, how are we going at faithfully stewarding these gifts and harnessing that potential? Are we harming ourselves through a failure to imagine how gifted women might be part of our faithful, collective, witness to the world? This talk will examine what the Bible says about women in ministry, what women say about women in ministry and some practical steps that every church can take to begin to unlock the potential that God has brought to his church.