Plenary Session


During this refreshing session we will hear from four leaders who have spent purposeful thinking time and focus on understanding God’s purpose for our lives and how we show love.

Speaker 1: Mairi Girgis, Women’s Ministries Victoria

Our society is often characterized by superficial and shallow relationships. And yet we love well when we share deeply and vulnerably with each other. Often the most profound spiritual growth takes place in the broken places of our hearts and lives. What motivates us to love each other in this way, and how do we do it well, reflecting the love of the Saviour to each other?

Speaker 2: Anna Moss, Women’s Ministry Worker, NSW

HIS Story, history and her story.

Speaker 3: Elizabeth Wilson, PhD student QTC, QLD  Fear of the Lord and our formation as Christians A lot of what Augustine says about fear is intertwined with things he says about love. How we fear of the Lord and having rightly-ordered loves, shapes us, and helps us to live rightly.

Speaker 4: Vanessa Stuckings, NSW Missionary Chats

Sometimes the things we say or do can jeopardise the lives of our missionaries. Vanessa brings practical knowledge about how we can support missionaries taking the Gospel to high risk areas with sensitivity and respect.


Jericho Road Ministries with Elissa Donnellan

Jericho Road works with and for the Presbyterian Church in NSW to demonstrate the character of God by providing fresh hope and care for those who are in need, in a way that seeks justice, shows mercy, and makes Jesus known. That makes it a two way road between us and churches. Some things we do at our place… and some things we can do at your church. It’s up to you. Jericho Road creates opportunities for the Presbyterian Church. These are things that are too big for a local congregation to run on their own, but they are things that are important for us to run together.

Elissa is an ambassador for Jericho Road and will be presenting this ministry on ways JR can work with you and your church to make seeking justice, showing mercy and making Jesus known a part of every day in your community.

Laughter, lollipops and loss: A Christian perspective on caring for those with a life-limiting illness with Esther White

With more than 16 years experience as a Clinical Nurse and a Masters in Cancer & Haematology Nursing from The University of Sydney, Esther White is incredibly grateful for how God has continued to equip her to minister and care for those diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Esther is blessed to be a member of Coorparoo Presbyterian Church and enjoys Pilates, running with her dog Boston and adventures with her 8 nieces and nephews!

Grief and loss sadly are a part of everyday life and many of us have experienced the heartbreak of losing of someone we love. As Christians we cling to the beautiful promise of Eternity and yet we not immune to the challenges of everyday life in a sinful, painful world! This powerful yet challenging workshop will explore what it means to cling to Christ in the face of great adversity; give a basic understanding of what grief is and how it is expressed by those around us and finally, what practical steps we can take to extend love and care for those around who are facing debilitating illnesses.

Discipleship through Hospitality among International Students with Anna Zhang

Ten percent of university students Australia wide are international students (at some universities the percentage is as high as 40 percent!). The nations are at our door step, often living in shared housing around us. God has given us a unique opportunity to be family to these students, but also offer an alternative and better family: God’s kingdom. How can we love them as Jesus would, and in ways that intentionally disciple them to and in faith as not just individuals but as a community of believers?

Anna works as part of the AFES (Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students) senior staff team at Macquarie University in Sydney. She journeys with people on the Jesus road, focusing on seeking out and enfolding international students into community, partnering with local churches, reading the Bible with seekers and new believers, and discipling and training them to become disciple-makers. She is recently married to Andrew and they love learning and growing to be open-hearted, open-handed and to have an open door in Homebush where they live and do life with their family Cornerstone Presbyterian Community Church.