Elective Workshops

Workshops are on Day 2 of the Conference Saturday 30th

You will be asked to choose one workshop from each session with a 2nd choice in each session.

Workshop 1

Guarding God’s People – Keeping Watch for ‘Savage Wolves’ Within the Church (Acts 20:28-31) with Fleur Letcher

As Christians, we expefleurct to find ‘sheep’ in the church, not ‘wolves’. However, Scripture clearly teaches that, from

time to time, there will be people in our churches who want to do the church harm. The Apostle Paul calls them ‘savage wolves’ (Acts 20:29); Jesus describes them as wolves in sheep’s clothing (Matthew 7:15).

Paul warned the church ‘for three years … with tears’ (Acts 20:19) about individuals who will disrupt and divide God’s church, drawing away disciples after themselves. In this workshop we will look at how we can recognise these people from Scripture, how they operate in churches and how we can respond when faced with a savage wolf in our midst.

Fleur Letcher is a wife, mother and home-educator who enjoys writing and speaking and is passionate about applying God’s Word to real-life situations. She resides in Victoria’s Yarra Valley with her husband and three children and enjoys bushwalking, reading classic novels and watching classic films.

Christian Hope for Australia with Robert Herrgott

Wroberthen it comes to the subject of hope for Australia, Christianity hopes for the return of Jesus Christ to form a perfect society on this continent. Humanism has no hope beyond death, but a temporary hope that people can improve the common happiness for Australians during their lifetime. Paganism has no real concrete hope. It stoically surrenders to the guidance of the spiritual forces and expects some sort of Divine Utopia or a cosmic oneness. In this workshop, Robert will present the Christian Hope for Australia as hope for the Sunburnt Continent, the Indigenous People, the Modern Society, the Politics, and the Churches.

Robert is a Minister at Ithaca Presbyterian Church moving to Deception Bay Presbyterian Church in 2019. Robert is gifted musically and has published a number of albums, authored a number of books, including children’s books with his wife, Sandra. Robert and Sandra have two sons and all love music, walking, being creative and birds.

God in My Image with Kylie Evans

kylie evansKylie discovered after being a Christian for thirty years, that the God she thought she knew was not the God of the Bible, that she only had half the story. She discovered that she had created a god through her life experiences that formed a filter, limiting her relationship with God in understanding his character and attributes, a god in her own image. This workshop aims to map the influences and perceptions of how we have shaped our own image of God in the hope of knowing and being known by God in new and life-changing ways.

Kylie Evans has a love of learning, people and beauty. She is married to Peter with four wonderfully diverse children and is a counsellor through the Dalby Hope Centre. Kylie enjoys vegetable gardening in cool weather and finding little ways to live a bit differently.

Workshop 2

Loving Your Community – Reaching Girls and Women Outside the Church with Lyn Nicol

Jesus commanded us to ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’. How can we do that in a world where people stay away from the church? And, even more, when there is a deep suspicion of Christians and Christianity?
What if we engaged with the pain of girls and women in the wider community? How can we show Jesus in a real way to those who are marginalised, vulnerable impoverished and broken?

What difference would it make if Christian women from all the churches in a local community worked together to show Jesus’ love to other girls and women? What might that look like? Let’s explore these questions together!

Lyn is a minister’s wife, mother and grandmother. She heads up City Women Caboolture and Teen Link Caboolture, and is passionate about empowering Christian women to connect with girls and women who never go near a church.

Broken Minds in a Broken World with Lyndall White

Dr Lyndall White is a practicing Clinical Psychiatrist specilising in caring for people experiencing  anxiety, depression, general adult psychiatry, perinatal psychiatry, postnatal depression and evidence based treatments. A past President of the Marcé Society, she is committed to multi-disciplinary approaches and between professionals concerned with the welfare of women and their families around the time of childbirth.  We often feel ill equipped to show love to people suffering with mental illness in our communities. Come and learn more about what we can do as Christians in our communities to show love.

Lyndall is a ministers wife, has 4 adult children and many grandchildren. She loves spending time in the mountains and at the beach, particularly with her family, dogs and loves flowers.

Holy Discontent with Ruth Davenport

What is it that unsettles you in the world? What are the issues that move you to act? What is it that makes you say, “That’s not right in God’s world!” What is your ‘holy discontent’? Explore with me as we look at advocacy, empowerment, the issues facing women and the girl-child in our broken world, and how we can inspire hope.

Ruth Davenport is a paramedic, nurse, wife to Matthew, mum to Kayla and Benjamin, and in her spare time is Deputy State Commissioner for Girls’ Brigade Queensland. She loves walking in the rain, playing music, and savouring good coffee.

Workshop 3

Hope Beyond Cure – Women’s Ministry in Hospitals with Rhonda Daley

rhonda daley

The best lessons about supporting families living with chronic illness and trauma have been learnt from the hero families I’ve walked alongside. A consistent Biblical framework and a living relationship with God are the non-negotiable essentials for this wonderful,
vital, grass roots ministry.

Rhonda is a Christian woman, mother and grandmother and deaconess. She’s spent most of the past 20 years in full-time pastoral ministry in children’s hospitals.

Supporting Women’s Ministry workers: practical guides and tips to setting up and sustaining Women’s Ministry with  Anna Moss

39625183_106606996954505_8747395484710076416_n(2)What We Needed to Learn: insights, challenges and hidden gems found throughout the first twelve months of a new initiative aimed at resourcing, equipping, training and supporting female ministry workers in NSW.

This workshop give some practical suggestions for developing, maintaining and evaluating Women’s Ministry programs.

Thinking Theologically about Christian Self-Help Literature with Christine Jolly

Some Christians line up for the next Christian self-help book at the Christian book store. Others are happy to consult secular authors. And some are Bible-only, thank you very much. How can we discern what is the best literature we use to grow in life and faith? How can we love and gently challenge those in our churches who hold tight to earthly authors?

“I can’t answer the question “Where are you from?”; I told husband I loved him before I met him; and I’m a women who is doing her part to prepare university students to confidently follow Jesus through all season of their lives.”

Christine is married to Mike and mum to Olivia and Ella, together they enjoy taking the occasional big trip overseas to visit family, ride bikes and make new friends. Christine studied theology in Louisville, Kentucky, and has been serving the local church community in many ways since moving to Tasmania in 2007.